About Us

Learn about the team!

Hi, we're a small independent game studio currently working on some exciting new projects! We're passionate about gaming and creating games and want to share our passion with the world.


David is the lead software engineer of Toe Bean Games who’s passionate about bringing the magic of games to life! He previously worked in tech and is a longtime gaming enthusiast. Developing games with Toe Bean Games is the joyful expression of this expertise and passion.

When he’s not jamming on code, David enjoys staying active through taekwondo and jogging throughout the neighborhood. You’re also likely to find him immersed in a book or trying out a new recipe.

Kevin the Cat

Kevin is the CPO (Chief Purring Officer) here at Toe Bean Games. He’s the inspiration for the name of our game studio, and can be seen proudly displaying his cat toe beans day in and day out. Kevin is a thought leader in crunchy treat acquisition and has been known to loudly assert his opinion on empty bowls.

We love the way gaming creates a sense of community. Welcome to ours!